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Folding & Sliding Doors, Wintergardens, and Glazing Systems

Being able to move seamlessly between our entertaining, dining, relaxation and outdoor spaces has never been more important to us. Equally, the ability to divide and section off these areas can be critical, when a fully open-plan home is not always practical. The use of glass folding sliding doors, rooflights, and glazing panels to open up, or section off, our homes is the solution many of us choose.

At ODC, we pride ourselves on really understanding our customers' design plans. In fact, we go further than that -  we can proactively come up with solutions, in collaboration with you (or your architect), which we know will delight you. We understand that the beauty of a design solution can lie in the detail - whether ensuring that the folding door configuration works in the optimum way, that the roof design of your wintergarden affords you the best possible view of your garden, or whether the rooflight design best complements the feel of your home. Our customers are discerning and so are we.

We work with you to develop the perfect brief for each project to ensure that the finished product delivers exactly what we promise, on time and within budget. Excellence without compromise. It goes without saying that all our systems have been tested and certified to both domestic and international standards for sound insulation, impermeability, burglar protection and extreme weather conditions.



We work in partnership with our customers to ascertain the clearest brief, to advise on the optimum product, and to deliver the perfect solution."